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I always like to sit back and reflect on my journey and to see what got me to where I am today. So much has changed for me, so many gifts received, so much growth in myself, my family & my life.

When I look back, I reflect on what got me here & what I was going thru at the time in my life to that lead me on the path I am today.

Well that was back in July/August 2014 where, for the previous years prior I was suffering. Suffering from things (us as woman) don’t feel we need to share with others.

There is this front, this image, us as humans like to put on display for others to act as though things are great… if anyone asks, “how are you?”, our immediate response will be “good and you?”. Meanwhile, you may be suffering inside, crying inside, and desperate for help. We all go through this at one or many times in our life.

The Darkest Time

Depression and Anxiety, is tough. For me, it started after kids (you may have heard the phrase… Post-Partum Depression). I’ll be honest, I was one of those people who thought, not a chance that will ever happen to me. Well, clearly I was wrong. The one thing I thought would never happen to me did.

The first time I felt it, I remember telling my husband there must be something wrong with me, my insides are shaking. We just blew it off as, but it kept happening, and happening to the point of no control. I was losing a significant amount of weight due to the stress levels I was dealing with in my body. My daughter stopped nursing just after 6 months, whereas I nursed my son all the way until he was almost 15 months old. I knew it was me, and the anxiety that was flowing through me and the affects it was not only having on myself, but my entire family. WOW that is SO not fun.

I remember people coming to me saying “wow, you are so skinny, how did you lose all the baby weight? How do you stay so slim? You need to eat more… ect ect”

Meanwhile I was eating, I was trying everything I could to gain weight, but because of the depression and anxiety my body was dealing with, that was just another way my body was dealing with it. It was not enjoyable to to be asked all those questions at that time as I was struggling hard inside. We truly do not know what is going on in other peoples lives, and unless you ASK and try to get a deeper connection with that person, it’s probably beneficial to leave comments to yourself.

Finding an alternative in dōTERRA

It wasn’t until my daughter turned one where I had finally had enough and walked myself through the door to my family doctors office. I knew, before I even walked in the door, what the answer would be. Anti-Depressants & Medications. I left that day with a prescription in hand and I knew there had to be another option. I started to google “natural remedies for depression” and reading so many different options.

During this same time, I kept seeing dōTERRA. It kept popping up in my feed and I then got an invite to an Essential Oil 101 class from a close friend of mine. I was un-able to attend the class, but I asked her if she had any oils that could possibly help with anxiety and depression. Her answer was “yes, I have some samples I can deliver to your place this weekend”. I accepted and I will forever be grateful to my friend for bringing me those samples and leaving them on my door step.

The oils she brought to me were Whisper (Blend for Woman), Balance (Grounding Blend) & Frankincense (aka The “King of Oils) I used these oils for probably 1-2 weeks and I told her I need more, I need to learn more, I felt empowered, I knew these oils could help me, and that they were helping me. I became happier, less anxiety and I could feel my depression was fading away. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I then decided to take a listen to my heart and my intuition & made the best decision of purchasing dōTERRA’s Home Essentials Kit, which comes with the Top 10 oils and honestly the oils that every home needs. I started to learn more about them, the uses for them, and started seeing results and that they ACTUALLY worked. SO many “ah ha” moments and still to this very day, it still blows my mind (even though I know they are going to work). The passion and the excitement kept growing. It started to become SO strong that all I wanted to do was share all these experiences I was starting to have with these Essential Oils. I never started using dōTERRA for the business… I told anyone who asked me if I was selling them….”ummm, no, MLM… ewww… that is so not me”).

Well the passion kept growing and getting even stronger that I started ordering oils for people from my account as they wanted to try. Then the messages and phone calls started coming and I started hearing other peoples experiences from the oils… well, that’s when I knew…

I guess I am now doing the biz & I couldn’t be more proud to say it. Those oils on my doorstep was the greatest gift I could have ever received. The feeling I get inside, knowing that me sharing these beautiful oils with others, and the incredible gifts I am sharing and knowing that I am actually changing lives, is the best feeling in the world.

Sometimes in life, we have to go through the hard, to see the good and to start moving onward and upward. It’s all learning, we all go through it and I just thank dōTERRA for having these incredibly life changing oils. Not only have these oils helped me heal emotionally & physically, but they have also helped me heal financially.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I hope this helps you too.

– Speak Your Truth And Let It Unfold