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The doTERRA Difference

There is a reason why over 8 million people in the world use dōTERRA.

Why I Chose dōTERRA

Not all essential oils are created equal. In fact, it is important to know that there is NO governing body that regulates essential oils, their purity or the claims made by many essential oil companies. Take your power back into your own hands and do your research.

dōTERRA is a wellness company that literally truly empowers from both ends of the bottle. With the purest essential oils in the world as their core product. They have an amazing vision to helping people feel empowered to using natural approaches in their entire well being. I believe so much in the essential oils, the company, and the mission. You will be amazed at what the oils will do to enhance the quality of your life.

When it comes to supporting my family’s health, only the top-of-the line essential oils will do. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to use these on my children, so I had to be 100% confident that what I purchased was not only free from adulterations, pesticides and synthetics, but was also backed by a company whose core vision has always been sourcing and producing the highest quality of essential oils not the cheapest cost of an essential oil.

As the essential oil industry continues to grow at the rate it is, you will see “essential oils” popping up from companies or stores that don’t know the first thing about them, much less what a true certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil is. This should make you step back and question.

There are two major factors that play a role in the effectiveness and quality of essential oils:


When selecting which plants are to be used for dōTERRA’s essential oil production, they look into an important factor of where that plant is originated, how that plant is grown, ensuring in the correct soil, temperature, and climate. When these factors are optimal, the plant will be able to reach its highest potency & upmost quality.

One of the defining differences between dōTERRA and any other company is the fact that dōTERRA sources their oils from all over the world, wherever that plant grows best. Their CO-IMPACT SOURCING Model ensures dōTERRA sources globally and not only that – they work WITH the farmers on the ground to create a better economy. They believe in sustainable farming practices, fair wages, bonuses,  and building up the farming communities.

This is actually the main reason why I chose to get started with dōTERRA.


When oils contain fillers or other elements that dilute and alter their purity, their ability to function at their highest capacity is compromised. In order to enjoy all of the benefits of essential oils, they must be used in their purest form.

Every single batch of dōTERRA essential oil is put through 54 different tests + a third party testing, to ensure every single bottle of oil that is purchased is 100% pure essential oil. Again, tracing back to the fact that I wanted to use these oils on my kids: there needed to be clear-cut, unbiased testing done to ensure that the oils were not only pure but that they held the therapeutic properties that I was looking for.

Did you know there is no governing bodies over essential oils? Many of these bottles that claim to be “100% pure oil” are actually very poor quality and/or highly diluted/adulterated. This is why dōTERRA has set the bar for essential oil purity and potency. dōTERRA’s quality standard for essential oils is called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Our CPTG exceeds industry standards.

For complete transparency on dōTERRA essential oils and our purity, take a bottle of essential oil from dōTERRA, grab the quality ID off the bottom of the bottle and input it on SourceToYou.com to see the GCMS testing done on that batch of essential oil. What other essential oil company is this transparent?

It’s very important that you use only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that are sourced around the globe where they grow abundantly and in their natural environment (that’s where the magic lives) It’s also important to choose a company that you can trust, that is doing their diligence to provide you with access to the very best quality our beautiful earth provides.

Just to share a little truth with you

about why dōterra is the largest essential oil company in the world and why no other companies can even get close to what we have going on.

If it ain’t easy, dōterra won’t do it as the hard way….is our way and doterra will NEVER sacrifice purity of an essential oil.

Here is something you may not know about other essential oil companies and the process it takes to receive that essential oil bottle….


• Farmer
• Distiller
• Broker (in country)
• Broker (international)
• Company
• Consumer


• Farmer
• Distiller
• Testing (54 different + a 3rd party tester)
• Consumer

Here is the thing, the average person probably won’t even think twice about a bottle that is labelled 100% pure….as I know before doterra came into my life, I believed that bottle to be labelled true too.
However, once you get serious of making the changes in your life and get a clear understanding to the actual difference, will then be the day where you decide to create those shifts in your life.

I will never give essential oil tips to someone who is not using dōterra oils as you honestly do not know what’s in that bottle you have or the adulteration that has happened to that bottle before it hits your hands.

The quality process doterra has in place allows us to have a consistent product and also a product that allows it to be taken to the next level, which is scientifically proved research 🤓.

🔥 HOT TIP: If you are trying to decide which bottle is pure or not…..just allow your nose to tell you the difference👃🏼, you will know!

There is a reason why over 8 million people in the world use dōTERRA.

doTERRA Source To You

You and your family deserve only the most pure, potent, and effective oils on earth. doTERRA takes great pride in sourcing them to you. For complete transparency on dōTERRA essential oils and our purity, please visit www.sourcetoyou.com.