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Daily Supplements

Introducing “The Foundation of LIFE” aka dōTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Supplements. These are our #1 selling product.
{ yes our #1 product is NOT an oil }
These supplements are on my order every single month as they have changed the game for me and so many others!!!!!

With consistent daily use of these supplements you will notice:

• higher energy
• less pain
• glowing skin
• strong nails + hair
• deeper sleep
• digestive efficiency
• it supercharges all body systems!

For these reasons – these vitamins are the most popular product in doTERRA! Also, when you order them as part of your monthly wellness box/LRP order, you unlock reduced pricing on Terrazyme, PB Assist and Mito2Max (other amazing products).

SO, here is a quick breakdown of these three supplements.

These three bottles come together in a pack, as they are meant to be taken together.

Alpha CRS is all about cellular energy. The turmeric + curcumin help support inflammation in the liver; milk thistle is naturally cleansing for the liver + cells; + antioxidants support metabolism. It’s full of phytonutrients which are superfoods to the body, and there are also eo’s in there that help make them more absorbable + digestible to the body.

Microplex VMz is a whole food form multivitamin + mineral complex. Being “whole food” is so important because 95% of other supplements are filled with stuff that your body cannot even absorb! These have higher levels of vitamins C, D, and B vitamins, and are more bioavailable to your body.

xEO Mega are omega 3 fatty acids from fish oils as well as flax oils. Borage oil helps support hormones, and astaxanthin, from green algae, is also a great antioxidant which helps protect cells. (Also available in vegan formula!)

Unfortunately most of us are nutrient deficient not only from poor diet choices, but also because our foods are no longer nutrient dense in general. The earths soils are generally depleted, and so having a supplementing program in place has never been more important for our foundational health.

When supplementing with other brands, most people don’t notice a difference, except for just having bright yellow pee! But not with these supplements. I have definitely noticed some major changes in my hair, skin, nails, energy, less stress, and better sleeps in myself since starting with LLV. I call them the Game changer supplements!!!

HOW to take this supplements when you are first starting out?

The optimal times to take these supplements are breakfast & lunch
Start with HALF dose to begin, 1 pill each at breakfast and 1 pill each at lunch.
Give yourself 2-3 weeks of daily consistent use of the supplements, then you can increase to the full dose of 2 pills each at breakfast and 2 pills each at lunch.


Do you supplement regularly?