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Creating Daily Habits

Creating daily habits for yourself is a key part for you to live a healthy lifestyle. The following kit I am here to share with you, is in my opinion, one of the best kits dōTERRA has created.

If you did not already know, dōTERRA IS the company that is making waves into the next era of natural healthcare. With health clinics already opened plus with more on the way, it is a very exciting time. The lens is going to shift to preventing illness rather than managing illness that could have been prevented.

To learn more about these Health Clinics click here: PRIME MERIDIAN

This daily habit collection kit is going to be how you can build yourself the foundation of health. This will not only make you feel amazing, but it will also allow you to glow from the inside out!

So what is in the Daily Habit’s Collection?

✔️ Lifelong Vitality Pack: the foundational supplement program that is doTERRA’s #1 product! It’s packed with bio-available food nutrients, omegas, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins + minerals delivered in a balanced + absorbable way (aka no neon urine).
📽 Check out some of the testimonials in this video —> LLV TESTIMONIAL

✔️ Terrazyme: this powerful blend of 10 active whole food enzymes helps your food digest, absorb + eliminate properly.

✔️ Deep Blue Rub: This is dōTERRA’s Soothing blend which works incredible for muscle aches and pains. Literally the game changer for all men in your life 😉

✔️ PB Assist Probiotic: Want to get your guts + skin working together better? Seal up the gut, plant the right soil and everything starts working better. This probiotic is unique as a double layer capsule of pre-biotic fibre + 6 strains of probiotics to deliver 6 billion CFUs. Note: the PB Assist is currently only avail as a purchase from the US warehouse.

✔️ 5ml Balance Blend: dōTERRA’s “Grounding Blend”. This is one of the first blends I started with for emotional support. I love to place a drop of this oil onto my temples/pulse points to help calm and relax.
✔️ 5ml Lemon: Ahhh Lemon, I consider this oil “all things cleansing” for body and your home. Literally a cleansing powerhouse! Add to drinking water, make cleaners, remove stains, purify the air.
✔️ 5ml Frankincense: My #1 fav oils of all times. This oil promotes healthy cell growth internally + incredible for emotional support + healing support + + + , the list goes on…….
✔️ 5ml Lavender: The oil for “all things calming” aka “the calming queen”. Use for all things skin topically and aromatically to sleep better + relax
✔️ 5ml On Guard: dōTERRA’s Protective Blend. The perfect blend to help your immune system stay strong. I also make my own non-toxic hand-soap with this blend.


To order this kit click here: HOW TO PURCHASE OILS

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